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The Free French to their Canadian Brothers

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Men have the [[Wikipedia:Self-determination|right to govern themselves]], laws must be the expression of the [[Wikipedia:General will|will of the people]] as expressed by the body of its representatives, no one has the right to oppose their execution, and yet we have dared to impose you an odious ''veto'' which the king of England reserved himself solely to prevent the destruction of abuses and paralyse your movements: here is the present that vile hired men dared to present you as a monument of benevolence from the English government. One very ingeniously compared the [[Wikipedia:legislative power|legislative power]] to the head of a man who conceives and the [[Wikipedia:executive power|executive power]] as the arms of the same man who carries out the work, if his arms refuse to do what the head considered to be necessary to the good of the whole body, deprived of any help he becomes sick and he dies.
''Canadiens'', it is time to leave the lethargic sleep in which you are plunged, arm yourselves, call to your help your friends the [[Wikipedia:Amerindians|Indians]], count on the support of your neighbours, and on that of the French. Swear to drop your weapons only when you are rid of your enemies, take the sky heaven and your conscience as witness witnesses of the equity of your resolutions and you will obtain what energetic men never claim in vain, : freedom and independence.
''Summary of the advantages which the Canadiens can gain by freeing themselves from English domination.''

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