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To whom it may concern,
1 - Would you have the kindness to forward me your address so that I may send you a copy of [ my book] and the [ [Allocution de Yves Michaud devant la Commission des États généraux sur la situation et l’avenir de la langue française| remarks]] which I made before the [[Wikipedia:Estates-General on the Situation and Future of the French Language in Quebec|Commission of the Estates General of the French language]]? That way, you will be in a better position to voice your opinion with intelligence and good faith on the true nature of my remarks, including my admiring and unconditional praise on the Jewish people which encouraged the French Canadian people to follow their "rough will to survive, their invincible spirit of solidarity and their moral armour adding that in a way the Christians and the Jews were spiritually Semites."
2 - I am, along with twelve other Quebecers, or Canadians if you prefer, a founding member of the [ ''Ligue des droits de l'homme''] (Human Rights League), in 1962, in company of [[Wikipedia:Pierre-Elliott Trudeau|Pierre-Elliott Trudeau]], and [[Wikipedia:Jacques Hébert|Jacques Hébert]], the former Liberal senator. I was last year president of the [[Wikipedia:Léo Cormier|Léo Cormier]] [ Foundation] for the defence of rights and freedoms. I am the godfather of a Jewish boy, my wife is godmother of a Jewish girl, I lived for 37 years in a Jewish district of Montreal in perfect harmony, friendship and conviviality with my neighbours for whom I feel the highest regard. Few old-stock Quebec families can claim such a resume. By searching a little, one could surely find a better profile for anti-semitism!!! I know that you did not pronounce the word of "antisémite" when referring to me, but the text of your correspondence with professor [[Hilton]] of [[Wikipedia:Concordia University|Concordia University]] suggests that I have or I could have had a background of this nature.


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