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Irish immigration
=====Irish immigration=====
* [ Parallel Paths: The Development of Nationalism in Ireland And Quebec (Studies in Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict)] by Garth Stevenson, McGill-Queen's University Press (July 16, 2006), 437 pages, ISBN: 0773530738* [ O’Gallagher, ''Saint Patrick's, Quebec'', Édition Carraig Books, 1981* Marianna O’Gallagher, ''Grosse-%C3%8EleIle -Gateway-to Canada-1832-1937/dp/0969080530/sr=8-7/qid=1165475607/ref=sr_1_7/002-7367344-4114457?ie=UTF8&s=books Grosse Île: Gateway to Canada, 1832-1937], by Marianna O'Gallagher', Édition Carraig Books (, 1984), 184 pages, ISBN: 0969080530* Marianna O’Gallagher, ''Eyewitness - Grosse Ile - 1847'', Édition Livres Carraig Books, 1995* Marianna O’Gallagher, ''The Shamrock Trail, Tracing the Irish in Quebec City'', Édition Livres Carraig Books, 1998
* Feeney, A. “Questions of identity in the work of Québec author Jacques Ferron”, Proceedings of Conference on La Francophonie held at W.I.T. in March 1999

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