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Con arguments

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Useful patriots
====Useful patriots====
Just a few individuals who have found a way to make a living by denouncing spitting on imaginary Quebec separatist monsters who eat children alive and worship Adolph Hitler.
* Diane Francis, author of ''Fighting for Canada'', 1996 ISBN 1550137964
* Howard Galganov, author of ''Bastards'', 1998 ISBN 0-9684177-0-1
* Bill Johnson, author of ''Anglophobie Made in Québec'', 1991 ISBN 2-7604-0399-8
* Mordecai Richler, author of ''Oh Canada! Oh Quebec! Requiem for a Divided Country'', 1992 ISBN 0-14-016817-6 ( Note: Mordecai Richler is also the author of excellent fiction works unlike the others).
===Late denunciation and response===

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