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The Free French to their Canadian Brothers

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[[Image:Genet.gif|thumb|left|Edmond-Charles Genêt, Ambassador of the French Republic in the United States]]When we were groaning under an [[Wikipedia:Ancien Regime|arbitrary government]], when we could only feel sorry for your fate, regret the bonds that once linked us to you, and, while murmuring in secrecy on the treasons of which you had been the victims, when we did not dare more than you to raise up our heads curved under the yoke of servitude, a sterile indignation of the criminal behaviour of [[Wikipedia:List of French monarchs|our kings]] towards you was the only homage which we could pay you.
But today we are [[Wikipedia:Freedom (political)|free]], we have reclaimed our rights, our oppressors are punished, all the parts of our administration are regenerated and strong of the justice of our cause, of our courage and of the immense means which we have prepared to embank all the [[Wikipedia:Tyrant|tyrants]] of the world; it is finally in our capacity to avenge you and to render you as free as we are, as independent as your neighbours the Americans of the United States. ''Canadiens'', imitate their example and ours, the road has been drawn up for it, a magnanimous resolution can make you leave the state of abjection where you are plunged. It depends on you to reprint on your foreheads this first dignity that nature gave to man and that slavery had erased.
Man was born free. By which fate did he become the subject of his own brother? How did this strange upheaval of ideas, which made entire nations voluntarily subject themselves to remain the property of only one individual, have taken take place? It is by the ignorance, the weakness, the pusillanimity of some, the ambition, the perfidy, the injustices, etc of others. But today when by the excesses of an unbearable domination, entire peoples, by rising up against their oppressors, have revealed the secret of their weakness and unveiled the iniquity of their means, how guilty are the nations which voluntarily remain in degrading irons and which, frightened by the sacrifice of a few moments of rest, devote themselves to a shameful inertia and voluntarily remain in servitude. Everything around you invites you to freedom; The country in which you live was conquered by your fathers. It owes its prosperity solely to their care and to yours, this land belongs to you, it must be independent.
Break away from a government which degenerates day by day and has become the cruelest enemy of peoples's freedom. Everywhere one finds traces of the [[Wikipedia:despotism|despotism]], the greed, the cruelties of the [[Wikipedia:King of England|king of England]]. It is time to overthrow a throne where hypocrisy and imposture hat sit for too a long time, that the vile courtiers who surrounded him be punished for their crimes or that dispersed all over the Earth the opprobrium of which they will be covered attests to the world, that a late but bright revenge has taken place in favour of humanity.

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