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The Free French to their Canadian Brothers

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This necessary revolution, this inevitable punishment prepares quickly in England. Everyday the [[Wikipedia:Republicanism|republican principles]] make sharp progress there and the number of the friends of liberty and France increases in a significant way; but do not wait the outcome of this event to reclaim your rights, work for yourselves, for your glory, do not fear anything of [[Wikipedia:George III of the United Kingdom|George III]], of his soldiers, in too small a number to successfully oppose your value, its weak army is retained in England around him by the murmurs of the English, and by the immense preparations of France, which do not allow him to increase the number of your torturers. The moment is favourable, and the [[Wikipedia:insurrection|insurrection]] is for you holiest of duties, so do not hesitate and remind the men who would be coward enough to refuse to give their arms and their weapons to such a generous endeavour the history of your misfortunes. The cruelties exerted by England to make you pass under her authority. The insults you were given by agents who fattened themselves out of your sweats. Point out the odious names of [[Wikipedia:James Murray|Murray]] and [[Wikipedia:Frederick Haldimand|Haldimand]]; the victims of their ferocities. The obstacles that were put up to block your trade; the odious monopoly which irritates it and prevents it from increasing; the perilous trade missions which you undertake for the sole advantage of the English: Finally remind them that having been born French, you will always be envied and persecuted by the English kings, and that this title will be more than ever before a reason to exclude you from all employment.
[[Image:Declaration-des-droits-1789.jpg|thumb|Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen, 1789]]Indeed French people would treat their co-citizens as brothers and would be less worried to please the English despot than to render justice to the ''Canadiens'', they would not be so much concerned with contenting the kings, but rather their brothers: they would give up their places rather than making an injustice: they would prefer to pensions granted to them the sweet satisfaction to be loved and judged worthy of their origin. They would oppose a vigorous resistance to the arbitrary decrees of the court of London; of this perfidious court which granted Canada a [[Wikipedia:Constitutional Act of 1791|shade of constitution]] only by fear that it would follow the virtuous example of France and America; that by shaking its yoke it would base its government on the [[Wikipedia:Human rights|imprescriptible rights of the man]].
Indeed what advantages did you gain from the constitution that has been given to you, during the six months that your representatives have been assembled, did they give you any good law? Have they been able to correct any abuse? Did they have the power to free your trade from its obstacles? No, and why? Because all the means of corruption are secretly and publicly employed during your elections to tip the scale in favour of the English.

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