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The Free French to their Canadian Brothers

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''Canadiens'', it is time to leave the lethargic sleep in which you are plunged, arm yourselves, call to your help your friends the [[Indians]], count on the support of your neighbours, and on that of the French. Swear to drop your weapons only when you rid of your enemies, take the sky and your conscience as witness of the equity of your resolutions and you will obtain what energetic men never claim in vain, freedom and independence.
''Summary of the avantages advantages which the ''Canadiens'' can gain by freeing themselves from English domination.''
# Canada will be a free and independent State.
# It will be able to form alliances with France and the United States.
# The ''Canadiens'' will choise choice their government, they will appoint the members of the legislative and executive powers.
# The veto will be abolished.
# All people whole will have obtained the right of citizen of Canada will be eligible to all public functions.
# [[Corvées]] will be abolished.
# Trade will enjoy the widest liberty.
# The will no longer be privileged companies for [[fur trade]]; the new goverment government will encourage it.# [[Seigniorial rights]] will be abolished, the ''lots et ventes''lot resale tax, droits de moulinsmill duties, de péagetolls, wood reserves, work for the landlord, etc., etc., will also be abolished.
# Will also be abolished [[hereditary titles]], there will no longer neither lords nor ''seigneurs'' nor nobles.
# All religious cults will be free. [[Catholic priests]] will be appointed by the people as in the time of the primitive Church and will enjoy a treatment adequate to their utility.

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