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On the impetus of the [[Wikipedia:Michaud Affair|Michaud Affair]], I was on several occasions personally hailed by the various information media, by my fellow-citizens in general and [[Wikipedia:Quebec sovereignty movement|sovereignist]]s ones in particular. Precisely, I have to date made at least four public interventions: one, at the [ radio of Radio-Canada], during the program ''[ Sans Frontières]'' hosted by [[Michel Desautels]], last December 19; a second one, by the means of a letter to the newspaper ''[[Wikipedia:Le Devoir|Le Devoir]]'', published last December 21, of which I was one of the five sovereignist signatories member of cultural communities; a third one, in the form of an interview granted to journalist [[Alexandre Sirois]] of the newspaper ''[[Wikipedia:La Presse (Canada)|La Presse]],'' published in the edition of last December 23 and finally, a fourth one, the same day, in the form of an interview granted to the [[Wikipedia:Réseau de l'information|RDI network]].
I thus make a point of reassuring those who like Mr [[Normand Breault]] regretted not to never see "other members of the Jewish community coming in to moderate, and even less to contradict their spokesmen" and wondered "when, if there are any, will the dissidents make their opinions known" so that "the other Quebecers may realize that the Jewish community is not as monolithic as it appears to be." (Article published in ''Le Devoir'', last December 27)


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