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Letter to the Inhabitants of the Province of Quebec

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== Introduction ==
We, the Delegates of the Colonies of [[Wikipedia:New Hampshire|New-Hampshire]], [[Wikipedia:Massachusetts|Massachusetts-Bay]], [[Wikipedia:Rhode Island|Rhode-Island and Providence Plantations]], [[Wikipedia:Connecticut|Connecticut]], [[Wikipedia:New York|New-York]], [[Wikipedia:New Jersey|New-Jersey]], [[Wikipedia:Pennsylvania|Pennsylvania]], the Counties of [[Wikipedia:Kent County, Delaware|Newcastle Kent]] and [[Wikipedia:Sussex County, Delaware|Sussex]] on [[Wikipedia:Delaware|Delaware]], [[Wikipedia:Maryland|Maryland]], [[Image:Carpenter-s-Hall.jpg|thumb|left|Carpenter's Hall, Philadelphia, where the first Continental Congress met]][[Wikipedia:Virginia|Virginia]], [[Wikipedia:North Carolina|North-Carolina]] and [[Wikipedia:South Carolina|South-Carolina]], deputed by the inhabitants of the said Colonies, to represent them in a [[Wikipedia:First Continental Congress|General Congress]] at [[Wikipedia:Philadelphia|Philadelphia]], in the province of Pennsylvania, to consult together concerning the best methods to obtain redress of our afflicting grievances, having accordingly assembled, and taken into our most serious consideration the state of public affairs on this continent, have thought proper to address your province, as a member therein deeply interested.
When the fortune of war, after a gallant and glorious resistance, had incorporated you with the body of [[Wikipedia:British subject|English subjects]], we rejoiced in the truly valuable addition, both on our own and your account; expecting, as courage and generosity are naturally united, our brave enemies would become our hearty friends, and that the Divine Being would bless to you the dispensations of his over-ruling providence, by securing to you and your latest posterity the inestimable advantages of a free [[Wikipedia:Constitution of the United Kingdom|English constitution of government]], which it is the privilege of all English subjects to enjoy.

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