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Seul le texte prononcé fait foi.
Mister the [[Wikipedia:List of mayors of Montreal|Mayor of Montréal]],<br />Mister the [ Consulate-General of Israël in Montreal],<br />Mister the [ Secretary of State for Immigration and Integration],<br />Mister the President of the [ Canada-Israel Committee], Québec region,<br />Madam the President of the [ CJA Federation],<br />Mister Stanley Plotnick, former president of the CJA Federation,<br />Mister Steven Cummings, next president of the CJA Federation,<br />Mister President of the [ Sephardic Community of Québec],<br />Mister President of the [[Wikipedia:B'nai B'rith|B'nai B'rith]]'s International Relations,<br />
Monsieur [[Joseph Gabay|Joseph Gabay]], new president of the [[Wikipedia:Canadian Jewish Congress|Canadian Jewish Congress]], Québec section, allow me to underline and salute your election. dare to believe that your encyclopedic knowledge at the biblical level will be a pledge of wisdom and success in the management of your community's business. Congratulations and ''Mazal Tov''. I am also told that the presidency of CJA Federation should return in approximately two years to another Sephardi, [[Sylvain Abitbol|Sylvain Abitbol]]. As this speed which things progress, I fear that, in a few years, the only position left to the Ashkenazim will be the presidency of the Sephardi community.
Let us underline in the passing that it is in Quebec that one finds the greatest number of Jewish schools subsidized by the State. On a more personal level, we can also talk about the role of the Jewish entrepreneurs in the economic development of Quebec ([[Wikipedia:Steinberg's|Steinberg]] and agroalimentary industry).
[[Jacob Isaac Segal]], [[Wikipedia:Leonard Cohen|Léonard Cohen]] and [[Wikipedia:Naïm Kattan|Naïm Kattan]], in prose or verse, sang the beauties of the metropolis. Did we not hear, at [[Wikipedia:Saidye Rosner Bronfman|Saidye Bronfman]]'s [ theatre], ''Les Belles-soeurs'' (The Step Sisters -in-Law) of [[Wikipedia:Michel Tremblay|Michel Tremblay]] speaking [[Wikipedia:Yiddish language|Yiddish]] and [[Wikipedia:Judeo-Arabic languages|Judeo-Arabic]]? And what to say of [[Pierre Anctil]], cantor of the dialogue of cultures, who speaks Yiddish as easily as French. [[Pierre Lasry]], during an interview granted to [[Élias Levy]], was right to affirm: "All Quebecers have Marrano origins. Mathematically, we can prove it. My book demystifies the chimerical idea of the tightly-knitted Jew and tightly-knitted [[Wikipedia:Goy|Goy]]. A tightly-knitted Quebecer, that does not exist!" This dialogue bears fruits, and a multitude of organizations contribute to building bridges. Remarkable achievements were accomplished and let us hope for the attack of new summits. And yet...
At the political level, we all feel a certain crispation within the Jewish community. This community is not monolithic. It is naturally and fortunately rich of its diversity. One finds in it orthodox and not-practising, rich and the poor, young and old, [[francophone]]s, [[anglophone]]s and [[allophone]]s. How then can we explain this quasi-unanimous behaviour of the community at the political level? Sovereignty, you will say to me. It is to forget that 20 % of the pequists are not sovereignists and that 10 % of liberals are sovereignists. Sovereignty is not the monopoly of the [[Wikipedia:Parti Québécois|Parti Québécois]].


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