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The great rabbi of Quebec arrives in paradise. He is welcomed by angels who lead him to his new residence, a beautiful apartment, two bedrooms, perfect sunlight and a renovated kitchen. By the window, he sees across the street a little palace, twenty rooms, ten bathrooms and nine living rooms. The rabbi asks: "Which wise man lives in this superb residence?". The angel answers: "This residence is unoccupied. It is reserved for Bernard Landry, Premier of Quebec." The rabbi enters in a terrible anger "How is it that me, rabbi, who devoted all my existence to speak of the Torah, gets a small four and half, and him, this non-believer, gets such a beautiful residence? I want to speak to God." The rabbi expresses his complaints to God, shares his surprise and asks for an explanation. And Almighty God answer him: "You, rabbi, when you spoke about the Torah in the synagogue, everyone slept. But him, Bernard Landry, when he goes to synagogues to speak of sovereignty, everyone starts praying! "
53 years ago, day for day, on May 14 1948, [[David Ben Gourion]] proclaimed the creation of the [[State of Israel]]. The [[Jewish people]], so rich in history and so poor in geography, was thus resurrected from its ashes to rise to the dignity of a people. The dream of a sovereign Jewish State finally became reality. How could one deny this right to a people who, although dispersed at the four corners of the world, everywhere contributed to the conquests of the mind and the advancement of all countries. [[Leon Trotski]], [[Albert Einstein]], [[Rosa Luxemburg]], [[Sigmund Freud]], [[Claude Lévi-Strauss]], [[Leon Blum]], [[Pierre Mendès France]], and I forget many; the Jews have consolidated too many national destinies not to deserve the recognition of their ancestral rights. This State, the Jews owe it to their courage and their perseverance. Faithful to the message of the founding fathers, the Israelis built an exemplary democracy, pushing audacity as to accept within the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, political formations that are openly antisionistanti-[[Zionist]]. However, in 53 years of existence, this people, who always lived in a state of emergency, has known how to preserve the essence, democracy.
L’ardeur avec laquelle Israël The ardour with which Israel rehabilitated and revitalized a réhabilité et revitalisé une langue vieille de plusieurs millénaires mérite également toute notre [[language several millenia old]] also deserves all our admiration. Comme l’affirme avec humour As [[Shimon Peres]] says with humour, Israël est aujourd’hui le seul endroit au monde où les enfants jouent dans la langue des prophètesIsrael is today the only place in the world where children play in the language of the [[prophets]], le seul pays où les enfants enseignent à leurs the only country where the children teach their mother tongue to their parents leur langue maternelle. Terre des prophètesLand of the prophets, Israël Israel has known how to become a su devenir une terre de promesses et de richesse pour tous ceux venus y trouver land of promises and richness for all those who came to seek refuge. Noirs et BlancsBlacks and White, malades et bien-portantspatients and people in good health, de Russieof Russia, de l’Inde ou de l’Éthiopieof India or Ethiopia, « Vietnamese "[[boat people » vietnamiens ou musulmans de Bosnie]]" or Muslims of [[Bosnia]]: tous ont pu découvrir le sens du mot « solidarité » en foulant le sol de ce paysall could discover the meaning of the word "solidarity" by stepping on the soil of this country.
À l’invitation officielle de l’État d’Israël, j’ai eu le privilège d’effectuer une mission dans ce pays, une mission riche d’enseignement, mais également dense et intense sur le plan des émotions. Aucun mot ne pourra traduire l’émotion ressentie lors de la visite du Yad Vashem et du mémorial consacré au martyr de 1,5 million d’enfants. Parlant de la condition de rescapé, le grand penseur et poète Aaron Zeitlin s’adresse quelque part à tous ceux qui l’ont quitté, son père mort, son frère mort, ses amis morts: « Vous m’avez abandonné, leur dit-il, vous êtes ensemble sans moi. Moi je suis ici seul et je fais des mots. »

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