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Con arguments

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Québec Bashing
==Québec Bashing==
Failing to come up with valid arguments to counter argumentsthose of the secessionists, some important players influential personalities in the unionist camp opposed to the independence of Québec have adopted the good old strategy of misrepresenting their adversaries' arguments and intentions to better win against them. The arguments of the right to self-determination and cultural rights of peoples being particularily particularly hard to refute, they have chosen to work around them and refute other arguments instead. How hard is it to refute arguments that you have crafted yourself?
===Techniques ===
===Favorite targets===
* PQ Leaders Parti Québécois leaders René Lévesque, Jacques Parizeau, Lucien Bouchard, and Bernard Landry
* 19th century Conservative Catholic nationalist Lionel Groulx
* Free thinker and social democrat Yves Michaud who dared publicly state that Groulx was not antisemitic
* Quebec's national symbols, its flag, its national holiday, its heroes* Quebec's institutions, its representative democracyelected representatives, its language policy, its immigration policy, its economic policy* Quebec's worker workers movement, its pro-independence unions, its spirit of solidarity
* [ Canada is a Real Country!]
====Useful Patriotspatriots====
Just a few individuals who have found a way to make a living by denouncing imaginary Quebec separatist monsters who eat children alive and worship Adolph Hitler.
* Diane Francis, author of ''Fighting for Canada'', 1996 ISBN 1550137964
===Late denunciation and response===
Many of us didn't fail to notice it. The constant depiction of Quebec nationalists, sovereignists, francophones in general, or even all Quebecers, as morally inferior to Canadians, incapable of governing themselves, less progressive and liberal, responsible for Canada's problems, is fundamentally the same process that fascists was used to spread hatred of the Jews in 19th and 20th century Europe.
* "Some Racist Slips about Quebec in English Canada Between 1995 and 1998" by Maryse Potvin in ''Canadian Ethnic Studies'', volume XXXII, issue 2, 2000, pages 1-26

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