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Con arguments

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Late denunciation
Many of us didn't fail to notice it. The constant depiction of Quebec nationalists, sovereignists, francophones in general, or even all Quebecers, as morally inferior to Canadians, incapable of governing themselves, less progressive and liberal, responsible for Canada's problems, is fundamentally the same process that fascists used to spread hatred of the Jews in Europe.
* "Some Racist Slips about Quebec in English Canada Between 1995 and 1998" by Maryse Potvin in ''Canadian Ethnic Studies'', volume XXXII, issue 2, 2000, pages 1-26* [ ''Bashing Québec fashionable in anglo media''], by Michel David, The Gazette, Friday 21 April 2000 * [ ''Oh Canada, Oh Quebec, Oh Richler''], by Ray Conlogue, Globe & Mail, June 26, 2002
* ''The Black Book of English Canada'', by Normand Lester, Toronto, McClelland & Stewart, 2002, 296 pages ISBN 077102259X
* [ Harper complains to Globe about Jan Wong column], Canadian Press, September 20, 2006

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