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Blogging for independence

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This is (or will eventually be) a list of English-language blogs by people who advocate the independence of notQuébec.---yet-sovereign nations such as Québec, Scotland, Catalonia or Puerto Rico.
== Québec Active ==* [ Why Quebec needs independence]
==Inactive = In English === * [ AngryFrenchGuy] - Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamp. (formerly "If you are not angry, you must be blind".)
* [ Sovereignty en Anglais] - A French-Québécois-Anglophone sovereigntist tries to explain himself in his mother tongue, the nemesis language of his mère-patrie.
* [ La substantifique moëlle de Pantagruelle] - Nouvelles cocasses, musings, and rants about academia and politics === En français === * [ Blogues souverains] - An exhaustive list of blogs by people who support the independence of Québec. Most are of course in French. == Scotland == * [ Scottish Independence Convention Blog]* [ Scottish Independence Guide: Scottish Independence Blogs]* [ Small nation Abair ach beagan is abair gu math e!]
== See also ==
* [[Media]]

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