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SUMMARY: ''A People’s History of Quebec '' is a lively guide to a little-known part of North American history. It tells of the settlement of the St. Lawrence Valley, but also of the Montreal and Quebec-based explorers and traders who travelled, mapped, and inhabited most of North America, and embrothered the peoples they met. Based on meticulous research, [[Jacques Lacoursière]] (author) and [[Robin Philpot]] (translator) connect everyday life to the events that emerged as historical turning points in the life of a people, thus shedding new light on Quebec’s 450-year history—and the historical forces that lie behind its two recent efforts to gain independence[].BUY ONLINE: []
The book can be purchased online from the publisher'[[File:Lacoursiere-philpot-a-people-s Web site:-history-of-quebec.jpg|center]] 
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