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Jonathan Sewell

(1766-1839) Lawyer, solicitor general, attorney general, judge of the court of vice-admiralty, chief justice, legislative councillor

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From the author

  • 1792 - An Abstract from the precedents of proceeding in the British House of Commons / Extrait des exemples de procedes dans la Chambre des communes de la Grande Bretagne
  • 1794 - Letter from Jonathan Sewell to Major Samuel Holland
  • 1796 - Letter signed by James McGill, P.L. Panet, and John Richardson, magistrates for the District of Montréal to the Attorney General, Jonathan Sewell, concerning the logistics of housing a battalion of soldiers during the winter
  • 1803 - Monsieur, j'ai l'honneur de vous transmettre les extraits: de deux actes du Parlement provincial ... Un concernant les etrangers, et l'autre pour la meilleure préservation du gouvernement de Sa Majesté (online)
  • 1809 - Orders and rules of practice in the Court of King's Bench, for the district of Quebec, Lower Canada
  • 1809 - Letter to Jonathan Sewell in which Bishop Plessis explains his decision to condemn a certain dramatic play which is about to be performed in Québec
  • 1811 - Rules and orders of practice in the provincial Court of Appeals
  • 1814 - Letter from James Monk to Jonathan Sewell, Chief Justice, commenting on the disparity between the laws in Upper Canada and Lower Canada with the latter based in French civil law, and the problems that would be created in trying to reconcile the two
  • 1818 - Rules and orders of practice in the provincial Court of Appeals. 2nd edition
  • 1824 - Plan for a general legislative union of the British provinces in North America (avec John Beverley Robinson) (online)
  • 1824 - Remarks on a plan intituled, A plan for a general legislative union of the British Provinces in North America
  • 1824 - General union of all the British provinces of North America
  • 1824 - An essay on the juridical history of France, so far as it relates to the law of the Province of Lower-Canada: read at a special meeting of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, the 31st day of May, 1824 (online)
  • 1830 - Table of fees
  • 1831 - A few notes upon the dark days of Canada
  • 1831 - Remarks on the stoves used in Russia for warming dwelling houses
  • 1837 - An Abstract of the most material parts of an act of the provincial Parliament of Lower Canada: passed in the thirty-sixth year of the reign of His Late Majesty George the III, King of Great Britain, &c. intituled, An Act for making, repairing and altering the Highways and Bridges within this Province, and for other purposes, so far as the same is relative to the Districts of Quebec, Montreal and Three-Rivers
  • 1882 - An Account of vessels arrived at Quebec in the year 1798: (as found among the papers of the late Chief Justice Jonathan Sewell, and presented to the Quebec Exchange in 1863, by his son, Revd. E.W. Sewell)
  • 1967 - Four pamphlets on Confederation or union of the Canadas, 1822-1825

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