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John Neilson

(1776-1848) publisher, printer, bookseller, politician, farmer, and militia officer

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From the author

  • 1800 - Catalogue of English, French, and Latin books, for sale at the Printing Office, no. 3 Mountain street, Quebec
  • 1818 - Catalogue of English and French books, &c. for sale by John Neilson, no. 3, Mountain Street, Quebec
  • 182? - Resolutions to be submitted by Mr. Neilson, to a Committee of the whole House, on Friday, the 25th June: appointed to consider the orders adopted by the late House of Assembly of Lower Canada, for regulating its proceedings in cases of contested Elections in that Province
  • 1820 - Aux electeurs du comté de Quebec/To the Electors of the County of Quebec
  • 1823 - Letter from L.J. Papineau and J. Neilson, Esqs., Addressed to His Majesty's Under Secretary of State on the Subject of the Proposed Union of the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada
  • 1830 - Report of the Special Committee of the House of Assembly of Lower-Canada, on the Petitions Against the Road Laws and the Office of Grand-Voyer
  • 1830 - Aux electeurs du comté de Quebec/To the electors of the county of Quebec
  • 1831 - Propositions qui doivent être soumises par M. Neilson: le 8 mars 1831, en Comité général sur l'état du pays
  • 1833 - Résolutions que M. Neilson entend proposer: en Comité général, le samedi 12 janvier 1833, sur le rapport de l'arbitre du Bas-Canada sous l'acte du parlement du Royaume-Uni 3 Geo. IV, c. 119, et sur les relations entre le Haut-Canada et le Bas-Canada, quant aux droits de douane et du commerce
  • 1835 - Report of the commissioners appointed under the Lower Canada Act: 4th William IV, cap. 10, to visit the United States' penitentiaries (online)
  • 1836 - The undersigned begs to advise you that the partnership which existed between him and Mr. William Cowan, under the name of Neilson & Cowan was, by mutual consent, dissolved ...
  • 1842 - Assemblée d'electeurs
  • 1843 - First report. The Select Committee Appointed to Investigate and Report on the Outrages Alleged to Have Been Committed at the General Election in the Counties of Terrebonne, Montreal, Vaudreuil, Beauharnois, Chambly and Rouville


  • 1764-? - The Quebec Gazette / La Gazette de Québec
  • 1792-94 - Le Magasin de Québec
  • 1803 - British American Register
  • 1815 - Canadian Visitor

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