George Ramsay, 9th Earl of Dalhousie

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George Ramsay, 9th Earl of Dalhousie

(1770-1838) military officer and colonial administrator

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From the author

  • 1828 - Addresses to His Excellency the governor in chief, from different parts of Lower-Canada, with His Excellency's answers
  • 1828 - Observations on the petitions of grievance addressed to the imperial parliament from the districts of Quebec, Montreal, and Three-Rivers
  • 1825 - Province du Bas-Canada : de par Son Excellence George, comte de Dalhousie, chevalier Grand Croix du très-honorable Ordre militaire du bain ... proclamation
  • 1823 - Extract from the royal instructions to His Excellency the Right Honorable George, Earl of Dalhousie, G.C.B., captain general and governor in chief, &c. &c. &c.: relating to the grants of the waste land of the Crown, with other papers on the same subject laid by order of His Excellency, before the House of Assembly, the 5th February, 1823 (online)
  • 1823 - Extrait des instructions royales à son Excellence le Très-Honorable George, comte de Dalhousie, G.C.B. capitaine général et gouverneur en chef, etc: relativement aux concessions des terres incultes de la couronne : avec d'autres papiers sur le même sujet mis, par Son Excellence, devant la Chambre d'assemblée le 5 février 1823

On the author

  • 2000 - Peter Burroughs, "Ramsay, George, 9th Earl of Dalhousie", Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
  • 1978 - Marjorie Whitelaw, The Dalhousie Journals
  • 1931 - K. E. Killam, "Lord Dalhousie’s administration in Nova Scotia", MA Thesis, University of Toronto.
  • 1829 - Robert Christie, Memoirs of the administration of the government of Lower Canada, by the Right Honorable the Earl of Dalhousie, G.C.B., comprehending a period of eight years, vizt : – from June, 1820 till September, 1828 (online)

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